When you log in, it may first redirect you to the homepage. Click on the "Profile" option from the top menu to access your profile.
To access the premium video content, you will first need to subscribe to our network, by choosing the Premium membership package from the Register page. Once you successfully setup your subscription, you will gain access to the "Watch Movie" option that will appear in the top menu.
To submit a video, you will need to have an account. Creating an account is free. You may click on the "Register" option from the top menu and create your account. Once your account is created, you will need to login. Once you login, you will choose the "Submit Video" button from the top-menu. Once on the page, fill in the prompts to submit your video. *Very Important:* To make your video viewable, for the "Video Tag" space, type in the word "Premium".
You can submit a video by providing a link to the video from a platform like Youtube or Vimeo on the submit video form.

To monetize your video, you may reach out to us by emailing us at breakingnewsjournal@yahoo.com and requesting further details.